Special Education Program Leader: Blair Tang
 What do you love most about being a special education teacher?
What I love the most is connecting with parents whose children have special needs. I love to listen to them and believe it’s important to support and listen to their feelings. The trust they give me is what motivates me to do my job.
 Why did you go into your career as a special education teacher?
I was curious about the work ELG does, and began working there. After some time working with children with special needs, and having gained a deeper understanding about the situation in China, I saw there was a huge need for specialists who could offer their help and expertise. I wanted to equip myself with more skills to help these children.
 What does your job entail?
As a program leader at ELG, what I usually do is supervise and support my staff and offer them my expertise in behavioral support. I also maintain frequent communication with parents to keep them updated and to involve them in their children’s day-to-day life in programs. I’m eager to keep learning the skills I need to support our children with special needs, which is why I’m pursuing a Board Certified Behavior Analyst certificate right now.