The Careers in Care project is designed to build a skilled workforce of caregivers to support special education instruction in China. It is built on the success of a successful project focused on elderly care.

CIC aims to help people who have little or no prior knowledge or background to become good special education supporters for teachers. Trainees will be given basic background knowledge and key skills, helping reduce the workload of teachers and creating better rehabilitation and educational experiences in the classroom for all students. Survey results from a significant number of teachers confirmed this need.

About CIC

Working together with Shanghai’s premier Pudong Special Education School, Xiersen provides migrant workers with an innovative program to become professional caregivers. Trainees receive up-to-date training in essential courses such as calming children down, keeping children safe, data collection and more. Trainees develop practical knowledge that they can implement the day they graduate, which builds confidence and gives them satisfaction in their work.

The impact of this project will be enormous. A new special education career will be created. In addition to students’ needs, special education teachers in the classroom also need this support to reduce the workload and to create an improved learning environment for all. Teachers will be able to focus on teaching and students on learning.

Key Project Objectives

The project objectives are to:

  • Lower student-to-teacher ratios by including additional personnel to support teachers in the classroom.
  • Provide a consistent special education training curriculum that can be rolled out sequentially, China-wide.

By the end of the implementation period, our goals are to:

  • Improve the student to adult ratio in the classroom, creating a better classroom experience and supportive environment where children can learn and teachers can teach.
  • Improve existing teachers’ special needs knowledge by providing them with additional skills and methods of training their support staff.
  • Provide special education awareness and skills training for parents.
  • Create a new job market for migrant workers as special education assistants.
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Careers in Care is a credible and structured program. Our aim is to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and we are determined to reach over one million people.

We need your assistance. We are not dependent on funding from a single source nor are we a dedicated charity fund of a specific company.

Please contact Nikki Lindgren at for more information, or if you want to make a contribution.