What is AGame?

AGame is a group of inclusive activities to raise awareness for special education in China. It serves as a platform for awareness and activities which are fun, educational and inspiring.

The "A" in AGame stands for ability, awareness and action. AGame fosters student social awareness, imbues organizations for good and harnesses corporate passion for corporate social responsibility. AGame generates dynamic opportunities, strengthens communities and builds cultures of supporting people in need. "Bring your AGame!"


Autism Awareness 2016

Special Careers 2018


AGame's mission is to heighten awareness by highlighting what's happening in China today, the issues individuals and families face and careers that exist.

Parties Involved


 Pudong, Songjiang and Hangzhou Special Education schools

Rotary, Rotoract, Interact

 Chambers of Commerce

 Songjiang government

 Tian'Ai Children's Rehabilitation Center

 Participating students and schools: (Alan) SCIS HQ, SAS PD, SHSID, SQDHS, SH Experimental School, PD Foreign Language School, Concordia, Dulwich, SAS PX, NYU Shanghai, Tongji University and Fudan University

Focus Areas

 A series of activities and events for special education awareness

 AGame student coordinator activities and events

 Celebrating other community-run events

 10 Bilingual Facts for social media postings

 Sleeves for visual awareness identity

 Specialists involvement for providing knowledge

 Informing the public about "Special Careers"

Upcoming Events & Areas of Impact

March 17-18: 10th Annual 2018 AKS Shanghai Cup, T98 Oasis Sports Center

April 24: YCIS Music Concert

April TBD: SAS Badminton Tournament

May 12: AGame Sports Day, Childer's Field

Look out for more events in which Xiersen will be involved, such as ELG's summer program, impactful talks at multiple companies, a Fun Run, and exciting student competitions.


For more information, contact Nikki Lindgren, Xiersen's General Manager, at nikki@xiersen.org.