What do you love most about being a physical therapist?
There are different branches of physical therapy: sports, geriatrics, and pediatrics. I personally love my job as a pediatric physical therapist because of the challenges that goes with it.  I like learning about the unique qualities of each child, and figuring out how best to use their strengths to improve their weaknesses. I love that I can work and think out of the box on how to implement my therapy plan for each child.

 Why did you go into your career as a physical therapist?

I initially wanted to become a pediatrician and chose physical therapy as my pre-med course as I heard that it really provides an extensive background in anatomy and physiology. After graduating, I was fascinated in applying what I’d learned and went to work right away.
 What does your job entail?
 ​Mostly, to assess a child and administer a therapy plan – learn about the issues and strengths and how to overall improve a child’s mobility, which is life altering for the child and for the parents as well.