“Improving the Condition of Special Education in China for Chinese People”

Established in 2014, Xiersen Children Service Center is an NGO officially registered in China. We are founded by special education professionals and advocates who saw the need for a sustainable approach for servicing children and families in China.

Xiersen’s goal is to ensure that more people with developmental challenges and their families can thrive with a focus on special education consulting, research and translation.

Our main initiatives are:

  • AGame – promoting awareness of special needs issues China-wide
  • Careers in Care – creating a new job classification in special education

We work with corporations and local charity partners to achieve our mission. Our major supporters are: ELG, K2VC, NuanXing Technology, East China Normal University, The Shanghai Mental Health Center, The Shanghai Pudong Fudu School, Gap, Active Kidz Shanghai and The Rotary Club of Shanghai.