General Manager: Job Description

About Xiersen

Established in 2014, Xiersen Children Service Center is an NGO officially registered in China. It was founded by special education professionals and advocates who saw the need for a sustainable approach for servicing children and families in China. Xiersen’s Careers in Care project provides career-building trainings for a new vocation in special education care in China.

Job Description

The General Manager works directly under the leadership of the NGO founder and Chairman of Xiersen’s Legal Board. The General Manager will be responsible for budgeting, administration, leading the small team to accomplish goals of fundraising, marketing, programs, and building long-term sustainability in a lean environment. The General Manager should have a minimum of five years of experience in senior management roles, particularly in operations, marketing, and development. Furthermore, the General Manager must be passionate about Xiersen’s cause and
mission. The position will be based in Shanghai and includes some travel within China.

Position Responsibilities

  1. Administration
  • Create annual financial budget, and responsible for balancing the budget
  • Oversee proper bookkeeping and financial records
  • Chair the quarterly advisory board meetings
  • Manage day to day operations of Xiersen
  • Hire and manage the team, and provide clear targets and goals for team to achieve
  • Show strong leadership and effective communication to team members, host regular meetings, evaluate staff members on semi-annual basis
  • Provide monthly, quarterly and annual reports to Xiersen advisory board and the president
  • Create annual report

2. Programs

  • Annual evaluation of existing programs and assist the president in designing new programs when needed
  • Work closely with staff and volunteers to ensure programs are executed according to Xiersen standards

3. Marketing & Fundraising

  • Identify fundraising strategies and initiatives that are aligned with Xiersen’s mission statement
  • Collaborate with team to execute events with clear fundraising objectives and goals
  • Create and oversee social media engagement plan

4. Donor Relations & Communications

  • Develop, engage, and maintain positive relationships with local government, potential donors, charity foundation members, and other stakeholders
  • Seek out new opportunities to connect Xiersen with relevant organizations, and third party organizations
  • With guidance from the founder/president, develop regular timelines for communication with existing donors
  • Create and implement a donor recruitment and retention plan
  • Support Xiersen at local, national, and international engagements for the purpose of increasing Xiersen’s profile and stakeholders

Position Requirements

  • Passionate and deep commitment Xiersen’s cause
  • 5+ years in a senior leadership role
  • Excellent language skills, written and verbal fluency in Mandarin and English
  • Post-secondary degree
  • Strong communication and leadership skills
  • Good work ethic and flexible working schedule
  • Efficient computer skills (Microsoft Office, etc)
  • Skills and experience in creating and implementing marketing plan with successful track record of achieving targets
  • Experience in balancing budgets
  • Local Chinese
  • NGO experience is preferred
  • Independent, self-starter, patient
  • Project Manager
  • Government relationship management
    • Understand government relationships
    • How to get things done with government middle level is required
    • Document management for government wenjian
  • Full-time (at least) mostly 9-6 but some weekends and evenings
  • Full benefits (5jin)
  • 5-10 years’ experience
  • Heart and looking for opportunity to make a difference.
  • This is a CV building opportunity. Both in role and results

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