Educational Psychologist: Lei Jin
 What do you love most about being an educational psychologist?
I love working with families, understanding the challenges they face and working together to find solutions. Watching children blossom and grow, and hearing parents’ joy about their children’s progress really motivates me to continue as an educational psychologist.
 Why did you go into your career as an educational psychologist?
I’ve always had an interest in psychology, and a desire to help parents, educators, and psychologists to understand a child’s strengths, weaknesses, and special needs, and more importantly, how best to support the child. When I was in college, I worked with families and children with autism in Nanjing. I interviewed those families and was astonished to find cases where children had been misdiagnosed with autism and other cases where there was a dire lack of professional support for children who had autism. Parents lacked the necessary skills and support they so needed to help their children. We didn’t have many resources available around ten years ago. This made me want to become an educational psychologist, and it’s also a reason why I returned to China after my studies in order to help those families.
 What does your job entail?
Part of my job is to maintain good communication between parents and school teachers. I work with parents, educators and psychologists to create an individualized plan to cater to each child’s specific needs. I help parents go through their experience so they can accept what their children are able to do, and rebuild their expectations on their children’s development and future. I’m passionate about helping every child achieve their potential.​