Brett Payton

Project Development Advisor: Instructional Design and Implementation

Brett holds a B.A. in both Political Science and Communications from Temple University. He is currently getting his Master’s degree at East China Normal University and researching the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) within the non-profit sector in China.

He began his career doing video production for non-profit advocacy groups as well as large corporate clients. While working in Shanghai, his multimedia work became highly focused on the creation of e-learning content. During this time, he developed expertise in the creation and implementation of digital learning courses, specifically: instructional design, educational methodologies, authoring tools, and Learning Management Systems (LMS). He then transitioned from production to project management, and managed several large multimedia rich e-Learning projects. After several years in the industry he decided to dive deeper into the educational aspects of his career and become a teacher.

He received training in classroom management, educational pedagogy, teaching methodologies, and in specific curriculums such as Inquiry-based learning (IB).

After several years of teaching and doing educational and communications consulting he decided he wanted to put his diverse experience in multimedia production, project management, and education to use in the non-profit sector while taking time to go back to school and research both ICT and the non-profit sector, two of his passions. He believes good communication practices are the foundation of educational empowerment, meaningful media, and in meeting organizational goals. His aim is to use his diverse background to help transform non-profit organizations’ communications strategies by utilizing technology and best-practices to enhance their capacity to fulfill their mission, operate efficiently, and better serve their communities.