[Job Alert] Xiersen is recruiting a new General Manager!

General Manager: Job Description

About Xiersen

Established in 2014, Xiersen Children Service Center is an NGO officially registered in China. It was founded by special education professionals and advocates who saw the need for a sustainable approach for servicing children and families in China. Xiersen’s Careers in Care project provides career-building trainings for a new vocation in special education care in China.

Job Description

The General Manager works directly under the leadership of the NGO founder and Chairman of Xiersen’s Legal Board. The General Manager will be responsible for budgeting, administration, leading the small team to accomplish goals of fundraising, marketing, programs, and building long-term sustainability in a lean environment. The General Manager should have a minimum of five years of experience in senior management roles, particularly in operations, marketing, and development. Furthermore, the General Manager must be passionate about Xiersen’s cause and
mission. The position will be based in Shanghai and includes some travel within China.

Position Responsibilities

  1. Administration
  • Create annual financial budget, and responsible for balancing the budget
  • Oversee proper bookkeeping and financial records
  • Chair the quarterly advisory board meetings
  • Manage day to day operations of Xiersen
  • Hire and manage the team, and provide clear targets and goals for team to achieve
  • Show strong leadership and effective communication to team members, host regular meetings, evaluate staff members on semi-annual basis
  • Provide monthly, quarterly and annual reports to Xiersen advisory board and the president
  • Create annual report

2. Programs

  • Annual evaluation of existing programs and assist the president in designing new programs when needed
  • Work closely with staff and volunteers to ensure programs are executed according to Xiersen standards

3. Marketing & Fundraising

  • Identify fundraising strategies and initiatives that are aligned with Xiersen’s mission statement
  • Collaborate with team to execute events with clear fundraising objectives and goals
  • Create and oversee social media engagement plan

4. Donor Relations & Communications

  • Develop, engage, and maintain positive relationships with local government, potential donors, charity foundation members, and other stakeholders
  • Seek out new opportunities to connect Xiersen with relevant organizations, and third party organizations
  • With guidance from the founder/president, develop regular timelines for communication with existing donors
  • Create and implement a donor recruitment and retention plan
  • Support Xiersen at local, national, and international engagements for the purpose of increasing Xiersen’s profile and stakeholders

Position Requirements

  • Passionate and deep commitment Xiersen’s cause
  • 5+ years in a senior leadership role
  • Excellent language skills, written and verbal fluency in Mandarin and English
  • Post-secondary degree
  • Strong communication and leadership skills
  • Good work ethic and flexible working schedule
  • Efficient computer skills (Microsoft Office, etc)
  • Skills and experience in creating and implementing marketing plan with successful track record of achieving targets
  • Experience in balancing budgets
  • Local Chinese
  • NGO experience is preferred
  • Independent, self-starter, patient
  • Project Manager
  • Government relationship management
    • Understand government relationships
    • How to get things done with government middle level is required
    • Document management for government wenjian
  • Full-time (at least) mostly 9-6 but some weekends and evenings
  • Full benefits (5jin)
  • 5-10 years’ experience
  • Heart and looking for opportunity to make a difference.
  • This is a CV building opportunity. Both in role and results

Please contact Keithw@hcgchina.com for more information

精彩回放:希儿森在第十届 AKS上海足球杯赛!

我们在第十届 AKS上海足球杯赛上玩得很开心!2018年3月17日至18日,来自泰国、香港、北京、厦门和中国其他城市的60支球队在上海浦东T98 绿洲足球基地举行了比赛。今年,英超曼城足球俱乐部作为职业俱乐部赞助商与我们合作。作为社区伙伴,希儿森有幸与众多与会者交流,就我们如何帮助改善中国特殊教育条件分享经验。





希儿森 AGame 家庭运动日

2018年 5月12日,上午9:00 – 下午1:00

上海 Childer’s 球场(万山路1号,近兴义路)

这次运动会强调乐趣和包容性,将邀请当地和国际社会包括几所特殊教育学校和康复中心以及 AKS 社区的孩子们参与。希儿森 AGame 项目的学生协调员会帮忙组织这次活动,AKS 将提供场地、教练、器材,帮助组织商家。孩子们可以和他们的父母以及整个社区一起在几个障碍球场和训练站进行体验,并有机会获得来自 AKS 的奖品。

希儿森正在寻找更多赞助商,如果您有兴趣,请通过邮件联系 nikki@xiersen.org

Recap: Xiersen joins the AKS 10th Annual Shanghai Cup!

We had a great time at AKS’ 10th Annual Shanghai Cup! Held on March 17-18 2018 at the T98 Oasis Soccer Center in Pudong, 60 teams from Thailand, Hong Kong, Beijing, Xiamen and other cities across China competed. This year, Manchester City Football Club from the England Premier League cooperated as professional club sponsor. As community partner, Xiersen was able to meet many attendees and share how we are involved in helping improve the condition of special education in China. 

One participating player from Beijing sported his AWare sleeves and exclaimed proudly how happy he was to wear something that connected him with his younger brother with special needs, who also attended. We were touched by the positive response we received from families based in Shanghai and beyond!

A special thanks to AKS and event sponsors Hays, Adidas and Jiahui Health.

We look forward to joining more events this year with our community partner, AKS!

Please mark your calendar for the following event, coming up soon!

Xiersen AGame Family Sports Day

9am – 1pm, May 12, 2018

Childer’s Field, Changning, Shanghai

This sports event emphasizes fun and inclusiveness with children of all ability from the local and international community including several special education schools and rehabilitation centers, and the AKS community invited to take part. Xiersen’s AGame student coordinators are helping organize activities during the event, and AKS is donating venue, coaches, equipment and helping organize vendors. Kids can try their hand at several obstacle courses and drill stations along with their parents and the community at large. AKS will raffle off fun give-aways throughout the day.

Xiersen is looking for sponsors! For more information, contact nikki@xiersen.org.



这次慈善晚宴将于4月21日在上海中心举行,晚宴的主题为“上海2048 —— 共享未来之夜”。晚宴着装要求:男士佩戴黑领结,女士着晚礼服,并混入未来元素。结识新朋友,助于公益发展,共同创造非凡,这将是美好的一夜!支持我们的计划,帮助外来务工群体掌握实用和有回报的职业技能,为中国人改善中国特殊教育条件。


Join Xiersen, an NGO Beneficiary, at the Annual AmCham Ball!

We are excited to announce that Xiersen is one of three valuable causes receiving the proceeds from the annual AmCham Ball. Funds raised will go towards our Careers in Care (CIC) project, training migrant workers to become educational supports to children with special needs. Through both their eLearning platform and live trainings, Xiersen will create a workforce to fill a much needed gap in support for children in China.

Hosted at the Shanghai Tower on Saturday, April 21, this year’s theme is Shanghai 2048: A Night in the Future. Think: black tie, with a futuristic vibe. Have fun, meet new people, and help raise funds for local non-profits making a difference! Support our plans to empower migrant workers with useful and rewarding careers, improving the condition of special education in China for Chinese people.

Click here for more information and to order tickets.

Recap: Xiersen in 2017

What a whirlwind year it has been for Xiersen! From the annual AGame project, to new activities and collaborations, Xiersen has grown and developed in numerous ways.

Strategic Partnerships


In April 2017, venture capital firm K2VC and Xiersen joined a strategic partnership to help support the NGO and to help its projects grow.

Gap Foundation

After organizing Gap’s major teambuilding event for their 400 Shanghai employees in October last year, Xiersen was nominated by Gap’s senior management and successfully approved as Gap Foundation’s NGO partner. Xiersen will receive direct grant funding and funds to match hours employees volunteer for the NGO in 2018.

Active Kidz Shanghai (AKS)

Active Kidz Shanghai and Xiersen entered into a strategic partnership, with events and collaborations planned for 2018.

Xiersen-Led Projects

Careers in Care

The project will produce a special education online curriculum, which aims to increase awareness and provide fundamental skills for classroom assistants, teachers and parents in China. It will help people who have little or no prior knowledge or background to

become good special education supporters for teachers or more capable parents of children with special needs. The project hopes to educate hundreds of thousands of workers across China in 5 years. If the trainees use the knowledge acquired over a 20-year career span, they will impact roughly 6 million children[1].

In 2017, the Careers in Care work group reached numerous major first milestones. After refining the project mission, vision and scope the first part of the year, they aligned key partners and identified funding to increase support staff and locked in their key volunteers. Further, they surveyed teachers at special education schools and rehabilitation centers in China, gathering data and making a needs assessment. They also aligned Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and field specialists to assist in content development, while compiling local and international research.

Penny Pan, Assistant General Manager, is leading the Careers in Care project, with help from Brett Payton, Project Development Advisor; Zhang Yan, CIC Curriculum Coordinator and Product Manager; and Michelle Wong, Research Assistant.

AGame is a series of Xiersen and community-led events to help raise awareness about special education in China. Its focus in 2016-2017 was for autism spectrum disorder awareness.

Xiersen’s annual AGame project enjoyed a second successful year in 2017. Sporting the distinctive blue and yellow AWare sleeves donated by Gap, student coordinators from local universities and high schools helped to support and manage the project.

2017’s AGame project was involved in a number of events:

  • Rotaract’s Run in Blue event on May 5 saw 700 runners raised funds to support parent and teacher training for Xiersen’s CIC project.
  • ICONX involved Xiersen in its first ICONX Kids Sports Festival on May 17 and 18.
  • A visit to Songjiang Special Education School supported with activities that included painting and singing, led by our AGame student coordinator Edward Cheng and students from Nanyang Model Private High School.
  • Several awareness talks were held, including for employees at naked Hub and parents at Wellington College International School Shanghai.

The focus of 2018’s AGame project will be on raising awareness about special education careers. These roles are critical for the further development of special education in China, and activities will highlight the need for more professionals in the special education field.


  • Xiersen coordinated the US Consulate Day of Service on Sept 11, 2017 at a Pudong Special Education School event with 15 staff teaching English.
  • Xiersen was invited to take part in events at a number of schools in Shanghai. Britannica International School Shanghai’s Pumpkin Palooza and Wellington College International Shanghai’s Christmas Bazaar contributed funds to Careers in Care.

Parent and Teacher Trainings

Xiersen helped to coordinate two major parent and teacher trainings in 2017:

  • On May 12, guest speaker Dr. Judith Owens, Harvard professor and Director of Sleep Medicine at the Boston Children’s Hospital Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders, was invited to deliver a stimulating seminar at the Pudong Special Education School on “Managing Behavioral Insomnia in Children with Special Needs.” She was assisted by her former student, Dr. Guanghai Wang, ELG’s Sleep Specialist and Clinical Psychologist.
  • On June 3 and 4, Tobii Dynavox, provider of speech-generation devices and special education products, presented a training on “How to Support Communication and Language Learning: Overview of Low-Tech AAC and High-Tech AAC” at the Pudong Special Education School.


Xiersen’s Advisory Board

Formed on February 27, 2017, Xiersen’s Advisory Board is comprised of 9 experts with professional experience in special education, pediatric mental health, curriculum development, eLearning, IT, human resources and training, and social organizations and business. They provide counsel, enable sustainable growth and impose challenges to improve projects.

Xiersen’s New Assistant General Manager

Having first joined Xiersen as Project Coordinator in September 2017, Penny Pan was promoted to Assistant General Manager in January 2018. [link to bio]


Xiersen would like to thank the 140+ volunteers involved in supporting Xiersen last year. Their generous support over the course of 2017 is key to the breadth of the NGO’s reach and continued success!

Stay tuned for more events and activities with Xiersen coming up in 2018. If your school or company would like more information about how to get involved as a sponsor, please contact Nikki at nikki@xiersen.org.

[1] Gaylord, V., Wallace, T., Pickett, A. L., & Likins, M. (2002). Impact: Feature Issue on Paraeducators Supporting Students with Disabilities and At. Risk, 15(2).

Autism Spectrum Condition in mainland China. Research in developmental disabilities, 34(1), 469-479.









Gap 基金


2017年10月,希儿森为 Gap 基金的400位上海雇员组织了大型团队建设活动,此后被 Gap 基金高管提名、并成功批准为 Gap 基金 NGO 伙伴成员。希儿森将得到直接拨款资金和2018年 Gap 员工作为 NGO 志愿者的义工工作时间。


Active Kidz Shanghai (AKS)


Active Kidz Shanghai 和希儿森建立了战略伙伴关系,共商2018年活动计划与合作计划。








2017年,习爱计划工作组收获了无数个成功的“第一次”。上半年,他们改进了项目目标、项目远景和项目范围,与重要合作者结盟,敲定资金以增加支撑人员,并确定了主要志愿者。此外,他们对中国多家特教学校和康复中心的教师进行调查,收集信息,并作出需求评估。他们还联合 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) 与各领域的专家共同协助内容开发工作,同时编集了本地区和国际上的研究资料。




AGame 2017

希儿森一年一度的 AGame 项目2017年再次获得成功。Gap 基金为我们捐赠了别出心裁、黄蓝相间的 Aware 袖子,来自本地高校和高中的在校生协调人穿戴着它们,协助完成了项目的支撑与管理工作。


2017年 AGame 项目参与了多项活动:


  • 5月5日,扶轮社 Run in Blue 活动的700位参加者为希儿森习爱计划的家长和教师培训筹募资金。
  • 5月17-18日,希儿森受邀参加 ICONX 第一届儿童运动嘉年华。
  • 参观松江特殊教育学校,参与了绘画、唱歌等活动。AGame 在校生协调人 Edward Cheng 和南洋模范中学的学生共同带领此次参观。
  • 举办多次关切特教座谈会,参与者包括裸心社雇员和上海惠灵顿外籍人员子女学校的家长等。


AGame 是由希儿森和社区共同主办的一系列活动,旨在提高人们对中国特殊教育的关切。2016-2017年度的活动重心在于提高对自闭症的关切。


2018年 AGame 项目活动重心将放在提高人们对特教事业的关切上。这对中国特殊教育的未来发展至关重要,我们的活动也将重点突出特殊教育领域对专业人士的更多需求。



  • 希儿森与美国领事馆协调,于9月11日领事馆服务日在浦东辅读学校开展活动,15位项目成员现场教授英语课。
  • 希儿森受邀参加上海多所学校的活动。例如:上海浦东辅读学校举办的厨艺大赛,上海英国国际学校的万圣节聚会和上海惠灵顿外籍人员子女学校的圣诞义卖都为习爱计划捐献了资金。





  • 5月12日,哈佛大学教授、波士顿儿童医院儿童睡眠障碍中心睡眠医学主任茱蒂丝·欧文斯博士,作为客座专家,受邀在浦东辅读学校主持了一场趣味盎然的讲座,题为“解决有特殊需求的孩子的行为性失眠”。讲座由茱蒂丝博士的学生、学建睡眠健康专家和临床心理学家王广海博士协助进行。
  • 6月3-4日,语言生成设备与特殊教育产品供应商 Tobii Dynavox 于浦东辅读学校主持了题为“如何帮助孩子进行交流和语言学习:低科技 AAC 与高科技 AAC 概述”的培训讲座。



















[1] Gaylord, V., Wallace, T., Pickett, A. L., 以及Likins, M合著(2002)。《影响力:辅助有特殊需求学生的专职教育人员及其风险特刊》,15(2)。